Can't upgrade my account

everything was working well until I confirmed to upgrade my level. It is written on the next page: throttled, wait 1400 or so seconds. The same page appeared of I go back to upgrading account (Firefox and IE)

I have now access to the page, but is it sure that the upgrading I made a few minutes earlier has not be taken into account? I don’t want to do it twice…Thanks.

Hi Marianne,

Your previous upgrade did not go through. A security feature in our payment system was triggered which prevented you from accessing the payment system temporarily. This is an anti-fraud feature which for some reason identified your account as trying to pay too many times… Not sure why? :slight_smile: At any rate, that restriction is there to prevent illegal credit card activity. Sorry about that. I’m glad it’s all settled now.

Perfect, it works Mark. Have a nice Sunday!