Can't upgrade my account using my Groupon code

When I enter my promo code at the upgrade point and click the refresh button, I am informed that it is invalid. I signed up yesterday to check it out for free and I want to use my purchase to have access to more features.


These Groupon deals for LingQ seem to offer a substantial discount. I saw a recent one in Canada offering a six month membership for $20 (reduced from $60), or a full year membership for just $35 (reduced from $120). That is a superb saving.

Seeing LingQ offering such massive savings to people lucky enough to live in areas where Groupon exists, makes me feel both jealous that the deals are not available to me, and a little glum that I have to pay a substantially higher membership fee simply because there is no Groupon in my country.

I can understand why LingQ is offering these deals to attract more new members, but this effectively two-tiered pricing structure is rather unsettling.

These Groupon deals are only for first time members, not for existing members. They are a very important way for LingQ to get the message out about our site, and to let people try it. We simply cannot afford to advertize like Rosetta Stone and others.

Hi Steve, Sure, as I said in my post, I understand why LingQ is doing it, but that doesn’t make me more comfortable with loyal members paying more than newcomers who live by chance in places where the groupon deals exist. I am not suggesting a change, just venting a frustration.

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I am a new member. The Groupon is how I found this site in the first place. As I said in my post, I signed up yesterday (or the day before) to peruse the site and then tried to upgrade using my Groupon. To others, the deal was for $60 and not $20.

@PaulaBt - If you go to the account page you, which you can find in the top right corner in the profile drop-down, you will find a link at the bottom of the page which will let you enter your Groupon code.

@AnthonyLauder - There is a large marketing cost associated with every member we acquire on LingQ. In the case of group buy customers we have given a discount which we factor in as a marketing cost since these sites are doing the marketing. In fact, we run deals in many different markets around the world to acquire new customers.

Based on Steve’s answer earlier, I was led to believe that my Groupon would not be honoured, therefore I requested my order to be cancelled as it is within 7 days. I bought Livemocha instead and I was careful not to sign in before I used my Groupon.
Thanks anyway,

God, Groupon people…be careful what you wish for, Lingq.

In hospitality it had the tendency to attract skinflint moaners.

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Hello, I have a problem and don’t know what to do…I have paid 97 Lt. on July 18th for one year Premium, Order completed site. connected to the system by the proposal Mokė .But still I did not get any information? Our guide and teacher, Lingqi community in Lithuania Gintaras Akulevičius died …Does anymore know what I have to do?


@Genute - Please send us an email at support at lingq dot com and we will be able to help you.