Can't stream audio

I can’t stream audio in the following lessons:

(News - LingQ Language Library)
Login - LingQ
(ペンパル(Penpals) - LingQ Language Library)

I assume I’m doing something wrong. Any suggestions?

Do you mean you can’t play the audio from your computer or from the app? I didn’t seem to have any trouble playing these audio files. If you could include a bit more information about your setup (OS, browser) that would help :slight_smile:

Hmm…it’s working now. This happens occasionally, so it would be nice to know if I need to refresh or something. When I have this problem, from my computer I click the play arrow, and nothing happens. I use Mac OS X, 10.7.4 and Safari.

If it’s an issue with audio then often times the best place to start is by checking if you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash installed. To get the newest version, simply go here:

We will be switching the player out for an HTML5 player when we push our next major update (hopefully later this month), so that should help :slight_smile: