Can't select a tutor i want when submit writing


When I tried to select a tutor, it showed 5 tutors and a search tutor below. I found that I can only select one of the five tutors. Nothing happened when I typed in search field. Anybody know? Thanks.

ha! I know how to do it now! There’s a "Send writing in English " in tutor’s profile page. Sorry. please feel free to delete my post, Mr. administrator. (aka Mark? )

@Edward - You can also start typing your desired tutor’s username in the search field and the system will suggest tutor’s usernames there. Then, you can click on the username of the tutor you want.

Ah! that’s what I thought it should be, but it doesn’t work on my computer( tried both on Chrome, firefox) But that’s all right. Not a big problem.

Strange… We’ll get that fixed. I could have sworn it was working when I first answered you.

@Edward - The writing corrector search field is working again. Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know.