Can't see requests when clicking on Exchange

I’ve experienced this problem for about 2 days (maybe longer) both on the PC (Chrome) and iPhone/iPad. When I click on Exchange I used to be able to see my own and other Exchange requests at first in the default language and, after choosing All Languages also for other languages. I have All Requests and Open Requests checked. Now I can see only my own posts in the respective language. If I switch the filter to another language nothing comes up. It only says “Scroll to see more”, but when I do, nothing comes up after a few seconds. Only if I choose the “rose” filter something comes up, an endless list of roses given to lessons but scrolling ends after about “6 hours ago”. So this way I can’t see any requests either. When I uncheck “roses”, again, I can see my own posts only in the language I’m in. I have tried emptying the cache and using various settings, to no avail. Am I missing something? I haven’t found a thread about this issue.

Just noticed that no requests are shown on my profile page either. Email alerts and notifications on the welcome page are working (private requests).

We have got the issues with the profile and exchange figured out and fixed now. Sorry for the trouble. All posts should be appearing properly now.