Can't see most lessons taken in my activities

I just noticed that in 9 pages of my activity list, it shows that I’ve only taken 4 lessons. I’ve definitely taken many more lessons from the library than that. This is not something I care about, I just wanted it to be known.

Thanks for letting us know. All the feedback helps us get it right.

Did you press “I know all” at the end of each lesson? Only if you do this, it is in the activity list.

Oh, thanks Vera. That explains it. I rarely press “I know all”. There are always numbers, names, exclamations, or other things I don’t want to LingQ or have captured in my statistics.

We have struggled with the wording on the “I know all” button. It does not mean that you know all the words. It really just means that you have completed LingQing. Adding a few funny characters and numbers to your known words total will not significantly affect these numbers. Whether we “know” 11,554 words or 12, 365 words does not matter much in my view, since it is not clear that we know them in any real sense. These statistics are just rough indicators of our level of activity.