Can't save LingQs after offline

Today I had a flight where I used Lingq in the offline mode and everything went perfectly I could see definitions and Lingq easily. But when I went back online something very weird happened:
-all LingQs went blue
-no daily progress was recorded
-but if the word was marked during the flight between 1-4 it actually was shown when I clicked on the STILL blue word
-if i clicked on Known the word did not save at all and had to redo it
-but the weirdest part is that the blue words when I clicked on them had then shown the level I clicked, but no matter what I did I couldn’t actually Lingq them, restarted the app and everything but I simply couldn’t make them into actual LingQs. I was using the Android version.

Any fixes?


Sorry to hear that, we will investigate the issue.

@ultrasunka I first experienced these bugs on Android almost a year ago. They were likely there long before I encountered them. Offline reading and lingQing on Android is completely broken and unusable.