Can't relingq word from a text

Sometimes lingqs are not highlighted at the text and when I try to lingq this word again (as I suppose that there is no such lingq yet), 500-error occurs.

This problem occurs at these words (yes, the most of them should not be highlighted, I just tested my theory):
大きな - status 2 - tags: freq.list иероглиф учу 大
日本 - status 4 - tags: иероглиф учу 日
今日 - status 4 - tags: иероглиф 日

But when I try to create lingqs for this words, all works fine:
今 - status 4 - tags: freq.list иероглиф учу 今
日 - status 4 - no tags

Relingqing at vocabulary page works properly for all these words: I am redirected to the existing lingq.

Also I have another problem. Yesterday I created some lingqs, today I work on this lesson again, and try to open these lingqs to edit them. When I click on the yellow-highlighted word, I receive “Server Error: 404 - NOT FOUND”, but when I highlight this word and space before it, and relingq, it works fine.
It happens to lingqs that were created in last 2-3 days.

I use firefox.

"and relingq, it works fine. " - I mean the lingq is opened (but if I want to see it again, I have to relingq it one more time)

Hi Rasana,

There are some funny things happening in the Japanese. We willl look into it.

This problem should be fixed now. Can you please test it and let us know.

Mark, yes 500-error is fixed. Yet 404-error, as Emma has already reported at another thread, is still here, but with message “This LingQ does not exist. Did you delete it in another window?” relingqing does not help (I opened this word at Vocabulary section, edited it, saved, but at lesson page it still does not want to open)


How about now? Is it any better?

Yes, Mark, now I can open these lingqs :slight_smile: Thank you very much!