Can't playback generated audio


There’s seems to be a problem with the audio player. I have imported lessons previously without issues, this only happened today.

I imported a lesson in plain text and then generated the audio for it but the player only plays the first 1 second of the audio. I can see the generated audio is 1:01 minutes long.
I tried deleting and importing and generating the audio again but the playback is still only 1 second.
Lesson url: Login - LingQ

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This has been happening for a long time with Chinese. I think they’re working on it as others have brought this up recently. I was really excited because LingQ finally seems to have upgraded the previously unusable Chinese TTS voice that was gratingly nasal and didn’t leave space between sentences. Except the better voice now stops after a few seconds/minutes even though the full time displayed is what you’d expect it should be.

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Thanks for that, :thinking: looks like I have to generate my own audio.

We are looking into that and we will have it fixed.


in the mean time, is there any way to delete the audio generated from the mobile app? it is hit and miss for when it fails and only way i have found to delete the bad audio is to login to the browser interface and hope to remember which ones generated the bad audio.

My personal solution for now is to avoid using “generate audio” and just listen in sentence view.
(“Generate audio” obliterates some/most of the audio.)

Eagerly anticipating a fix from our hard-working programmers.

Are there any updates on this issue? I’ve been noticing this with Spanish for quite some time.

It seems fine on my end now. Are you using app or web version?

I’m using the app on an iPad. It goes like this: I generate audio (it is quite long, as I’m reading books on LingQ), then I play the audio and everything looks mostly alright for the first one to three minutes (it does skip a few sentences), then suddenly it stops playing despite there being lots of audio and text left. When I play the audio again and try to skip to where it stopped, it’s not possible because suddenly the audio isn’t e. g. 15 minutes long anymore, but only includes the parts I’ve already listened to. In the course overview it still says that the audio is 15 minutes long. But I can’t actually listen to the whole 15 minutes.

Does it still happen now, or do you have problem with audios you generated earlier?

It still happens now - I tested it yesterday before writing my response and again just now. The audio I just generated and listened to is allegedly 28:26 minutes long, but I can only listen to 1:54 minutes of it.

Strange, please send lesson URL to