Can't play the audios anymore

Hello, i was wondering wether you changed the audio player in the system because after a break i’m back on lingq and can’t play the audios in the lessons like i used to do. Thanks for helping me with that.

@pascal30 - Does it happen time to time or there is no sound at all? Could you please tell us which browser you are using? Also, try refreshing the page to see if that helps.

It happens all the time i never can play an audio… i’m currently using firefox. don’t know what to do and i miss my lingq lessons… Anyway thanks for replying, i appreciate.

@pascal30 - Would you check to see that you have the most recent version of Flash installed? You can check here:

Also, would you try another browser such as Chrome or Safari and let us know if you’re experiencing the same issue there as well?

Ok , using Chrome the audio work . i’m gonna have to use lingq only with chrome now i guess… thank you a lot for the help.

I’m using opera and have same problem. On Internet Explorer audio works but on Opera it doesnt.

@Keky - the updated site doesn’t support Opera, so there may be some issues including audio. We recommend using Explorer 10, Firefox or Chrome.

for me with firefox it doesn’t work… nevermind i use chrome or i download the audio and play it along…

@pascal30- Really sorry to hear that. I Just checked Firefox. For me it works. Again, please check if you have the most recent version of Flash. Chrome is also not a bad option :slight_smile: