Can't open Youtube lessons

I’m not really sure if there’s already a thread for this or not but here goes. I’ve been trying to access youtube lessons that other members in the Lingq community have posted on my Android phone but when I do they just load infinitely. I’ve literally sat down my phone and waited half an hour or so and it will still be loading when I come back. The languages I most want youtube videos in are Swedish and Polish.

Sorry to hear that. Do you have the latest app version installed? Can you please try re-installing the app completely and let me know if that helps? Thanks!

I’m up to date and I’ve reinstalled the app. The swedish videos are working for me but not the polish ones. I’ve also tried a couple of other languages and it’s hit or miss.

I tried opening quite a few lessons under Videos shelf in Polish and it worked just fine. If you still have this issues, can you let me know the titles of some lessons you have problem with? I am trying to figure out what could be a problem on your end, since other users seem not to have problem.