Can't make LingQs

All of a sudden, I can’t make LingQs in Japanese or English.

Most embarrassing, as was trying to explain to a student just why is so good :slight_smile:

Same problem in Chrome and Firefox.

Any ideas?

Oh, yes. I created lingqs today morning, but now I can’t.
Btw, there is “Toggle whitespace” link now… Although it does not work (at least in FF). I think LingQ team uploaded some updates today. I supppose, all of this will be fixed soon and we will enjoy upgraded LingQ :)))

Talk about bad timing!!!

I had him all interested, then ‘oh, it was working earlier’, ‘it doesn’t normally do this’, etc.

Oh well. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

I can’t LingQ in German either, and nothing happens when clicking on “I know all words” blue button.

This happened to me a few times over the past days as well. I didn’t know others were having the same issue.

Sorry, It’s better to be specific. I had trouble lingQing on 11/23 and 11/24.

Yes, something wrong

It looks like some updates that were not tested were accidentally uploaded. We are working to resolve the issues mentioned here. Sorry for inconvenience and sorry sendaiben! It’s Murphy’s Law that something like this would happen while you are showing the system. Maitee, it sounds like you may have been having your own problems on those days. This systemwide LingQing issue is a result of an update 4 or 5 hours ago.

I’m not sure, Mark. I had trouble with German today, just like the others said.

It’s working now. A few minutes ago, my system shut down for an update.

I can’t get Japanese audio to play, though it was working fine at lunchtime.

Yes, this issue is now resolved. Sorry about that again. Please ignore the “toggle whitespace” link for now. :wink:

Seems fine for me. If you haven’t already, try to refresh your page. It may be a specific lesson. If so, we can ask that provider to fix the audio if that’s the problem.

Mark said: “Please ignore the “toggle whitespace” link for now.”

ignore it??? When it looks so thrilling?

I shan’t be able to sleep tonight :wink: