Can't lingq words on my smartphone

From time to time I use my android smartphone to surf on the net, especially if there is no wi-fi network (otherwise I rather use my ipod touch).
However, I cannot lingq words with my Samsung Galaxy Ace, while I can do that by pressing on the blue words.
Any advice?
Thanks a lot,

LingQing on a mobile browser may have been affected by the recent Quick Ignore update. For now we recommend you create LingQs on your computer, as the site is not optimized for mobile browsers.

I’m quite sure I never managed to lingq words on my smartphone, not even before the latest update.

We aren’t able to ensure 100% compatibility with all possible browsers (then we’d have no new features!), but we do our best with what we have. Perhaps in the future we may look at adding a dedicated mobile version of the site, but for now we’ve decided to spend time developing and improving mobile applications that will allow for an even better experience on a smaller screen. :slight_smile:

I will wait patiently. :slight_smile:

I was able to LingQ words using my android devices before the quick ignore update, which has now made it quite difficult to do any lingqing, as touch screen interfaces don’t trigger hover events. Currently I have to read the lesson and then switch to the quick lingq tab to do my lingqing. This is a tolerable workaround, but I much preferred being able to lingq words as I encounter them. Perhaps a preference somewhere on the lesson page or user profile to choose which method of Lingqing they prefer?

I’m able to lingq blue word on my iPhone browser however it s nit fun haha!

I would love to see a mobile optimized website to lingq words on the go!
Or a iPhone lingq app for lingqing specifically. Perhaps in an upgrade of ilingq!! I can only dream =)

I don’t know if I need to make LingQs on my smart phone. However, I would very much like to be able to do my flashcards on Android. I am not sure if there is an app for this or not, but will be glad when there is.

We do have an android app getting close to completion. We will also see what we can do to enable LingQing to function on mobile devices. We also would like to eventually enable iLingQ to have some kind of LingQ creation capability.

I’m looking forward to these improvements :slight_smile: