Can't Learn Turkish on Android Mobile

Hey Everyone,

I started learning Turkish a couple days go on LingQ and I’m really enjoying it. I downloaded the app on my Galaxy s5 and I can’t seem to get to Turkish. When I created my LingQ account I had to first sign up with Russian because Turkish is still on beta (it wouldn’t appear on the list). When I logged in to my account on my phone it automatically pulled up Russian. When I went to change my language, Turkish wouldn’t show up on the list. Is there another way to get Turkish up?


Did you created new account after you installed the app or you logged into same account you were using on the website?
In both cases, please open the website version and open Turkish there, after that it should automatically appear on the app too.

I created the account before downloading the mobile app. When I’m out I’ve been using the browser version on my phone, it’s not the best but it works. Even if I open the android app while being logged in through the browser it doesn’t switch over to Turkish

Can you please contact us on support(at) and I will provide additional instructions there. I think we may need your permission to access your account through app on our device and check it. Thanks!