Can't import pdf

When I try to import a pdf there is a message saying: There was an error importing this file. Please ensure all digital protection has been removed.
Please fix this as it is one of the main reasons i have lingq.

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Hi - At the moment, importing is temporarily not working. We’re currently fixing it and once it is ready, we’ll announce it in the forum. Apologies!

Has this been fixed?I am having the same problem.

I am having the same problem but not with every pdf file. Some are easily imported but with some I always get this message. I am trying to figure out why is it so?

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You can’t import files which are under DRM protection. They are copyrighted and that is why you get that error message.
Files without protection will import fine.

The DRM protection has been removed in calibre and the book was purchased on amazon. It should not be this diffcult to import. a pdf.

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Are you sure thy are no longer under drm protection? If you are, please send one of these files to support(at) and I’ll ask our developers to look into it.