Can't import new lessons

When I go to the Import page I get an error message:
It looks like you are over your Import limit. Upgrade your account to import an unlimited number of lessons.

Please can you explain what this means? I can’t find any information about that. There is no information in the online help or on the LingQCentral blog.

There is the same problem with me. And I have thought, that I haven’t payed my invoice this month because my bank data has changed. Ok it seems a system problem - or?

I have also realized that and, morover, there is no tutor tab next to Import tab anymore! So I can’t access to my tutoring info!!

Hi Albert, Steve told me that we’ll have access for tutoring over the speaking and writing page under “lessons”.

There are some problems, We are working on them. It worked find on the Quality Assurance server but as always the main server has surprises. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you Vera! I’ve just checked it! The writing page doesn’t still work anyway!!

No problem Steve! These kind of issues are really normal in new implementations!! :wink:

The write page does not work.

There seem to be a mixture of languages in the available discussions.

Please continue to report problems on the thread called New changes at LingQ.

Now I can import text but not audio. I receive the following message:
Field “audio”: Oops! Only Basic, Plus or Premium members can upload audio files.

Aarghh!! We’ll get that fixed. Import is now working without audio for Basic, Plus and Premium members.

Mark, do you have an idea when we can upload audio?

Vera, we are hoping soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.