Can't import lessons in Opera 10, Internet Explorer 8

Importing lessons is broken in Opera 10 and Internet Explorer 8 on Windows.

In Opera the field for entering text is not visible at all.

In Internet Explorer 8 the field for entering text is visible, but pasting or entering text into it is not possible.

My limited testing in Google Chrome showed that importing text files in this browser works fine.

Tested on Windows 7.

Thanks for the input. We are working to get everything working properly after our major version change last Friday. Please continue to report all problems.

I do not suppose you are any relation to Alexei Venediktov whom I listen to regularly at Echo Moskvi.

I do not suppose you are any relation to Alexei Venediktov whom I listen to regularly at Echo Moskvi.

I’m afraid not. :slight_smile: We are just “imperfect” namesakes. My name is Alexei Vinidikov, and his - Alexei Venediktov. I have my last name spelled wrong, you see. It should be spelled Venediktov, but it got written in my ancestors’ id as Vinidiktov (what you hear is what you get, so to speak). Otherwise we would be “perfect” namesakes, but not relations. Although who knows. I guess I should ask him about it, maybe we are relations after all. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t import English content using Internet Explorer 8 compatibility mode either

Yes, importing is still not working in IE. It is on our list.

Hi Mark,
When do you think this problem will be fixed?

I has finally succeeded in importing Italian contents, using Googl Chrome.

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome, like Internet Explorer, is browser:

I downloaded Google Chrome. I succeeded in importing text but I can’t downloaded audio in .mp3.

Does nobody has the same problem that I have?


Hi Cecile, I use Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox and with both browsers I can download. With Firefox I can import text. Can you explain what happens when you want to download a file? Have you actualized all programs for example Java?

The importing issue in IE should now be fixed.

Hi Mark,

It’s not a huge deal, since I can listen on my iPod or on iTunes, but I thought you’d like to know – I’m not able to play or download the audio on lessons I’ve imported. I’m using Firefox (on a Mac). The imported lessons in question would be in Russian, from the Школа Жизни site. These worked for me before the update.

Hi Jim,

It could be the frequency of those audio files worked on our old flash player and won’t work on the new one. You can try adjusting the frequency in Audacity before uploading them and see if this helps. A frequency of 44100hz will work best.


I can now upload text but not the audio. The format is the same I used before.
Something in red is writen : " Field “audio”: The file you uploaded was not an audio file in supported format. "

Please make sure the frequency is set to 44100hz.

I speak about MPEG, to my mind it is the same thing that MP3, no? And how to see if the frequency in 44100hz on the audio I don’t record myself? It’s imported audio.

I can’t really recreate the problem Cecile. We haven’t heard about this issue from anyone else. MPEG layer 3 is MP3. There are other types of MPEG files which are not mp3 files and will not work. You can check and change the frequency and import the correct file type in Audacity. Check their help documentation for more information.