Can't import anything from Viki

This always happens: ‘‘Error: Importing failed - Unable to download JSON metadata: HTTP Error 422: Unprocessable Entity’’

Thanks. We will look into it.

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As a workaround I use downsub website (be sure you have good ad-block and malware protection on your computer) and I just copy and paste the link of the episode (right click on the play button when you are viewing the episodes.

Then download the .txt file with the Korean subtitle. You will have to copy each episode link (you can’t just change the ending number). Moreover, I like this method a lot more then the previous ones I used to use because it’s super fast.

Then I got on a copying and pasting manual import binge for the episodes I downloaded. (In one of my imports I just made all the episodes into one big .txt file and imported it using import eBook.

With this method you can get Korean subtitles from even the Viki Plus series.

Let me know if you have any questions I mean I hate having to wait for the video to load and this method really worked better for me.

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I tried with chinese and it worked well!!! just one thing, is there any way to keep the text split?

ahh with Chinese that one would be a kicker. Do you have a screenshot of what it looks like? It actually works better when I copy and paste directly from the .txt file.

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I copied the txt file into a Word doc and added paragraph marks and it worked, thank you for your help