Can't give rose to New Beg lesson

I have just shared the 12th lesson in the new Beginners English collection I am writing. Although I am aware that it is blatant self-marketing, lots of people (including me now) tend to give their story an initial rose to get it started.

I couldn’t give Text 12 of t"Abby and Lynne" a rose, despite having cleared the cache. You can find the masterpiece here:

Just imagine a bunch of roses for this sad story…


I managed to give a rose to the text just now, by clicking the rose right above the first line of text. In the original post I should have said “I cannot share the lesson”… Sorry for any confusion.

@SanneT - Yes, you’re right. Someone mentioned that the Share popup wasn’t working, so we’ve added it to our list and will hopefully have it fixed soon!

Thank you for fixing this!