Can't get audio to work

I am trying to go through the lessons and practice my vocabulary however I can’t get any of the audio to work for my account. Has anyone encountered this? Can anyone help me solve this?


@Lauz7 - Do you mean that you’re having issues playing lesson audio files, or you’re having issues playing the text-to-speech on flashcards?

It is the text to speech on flashcards, dictation and all of the link exercises. sorry for the confusion

@Lauz7 - OK, thanks for the additional information. In that case, are you able to try another browser to see if it works there? If it isn’t working in other browsers either, then you should either update your Flash player ( or try disabling your network firewall temporarily to see if that solves it.

Thanks Alex, I will give it a go!

I use Chrome and have the same problem. Flash is updated, and I tried disabling my firewall. I switched to Firefox and audio works fine. I hope this info helps, as I prefer Chrome. For now, I guess I’ll just switch it when I use Lingq. :slight_smile:

@walkinshoes - Another possibility is that this is caused by an extension in Chrome. Would you be able to try in incognito mode or with extensions disabled to see if that works?