Can't find English events in adequate times

this month I upgraded to plus because I intended to work more regularly on my speaking, but I simply can’t combine interesting themes with time schedules that are adequate to me. Actually, there are no events at all at the times I would like to use for it, interesting or not…
Here are a list of topics I was interested in signing up for, but the times available are terrible…

  • impromptu speech
  • playing with children
  • quick answers
  • Travel Photo Album
  • Listen Carefully
  • words and phrases that cause trouble
  • open topic (you see, I’m quite flexible!! rsss…)
    Except for the “impromptu” one, I don’t know how these events work. My initial idea was to try a different kind of event every week, until I could decide which ones were more interesting to stick with, but I found myself without any choice, much less several ones…
    I’m not sure how to solve this. Some months ago I made a similar complain and then Julie and Steve very kindly set up some events on the times I asked for, but the two or three times I signed up we ended up in one-on-ones events… but the case is that I don’t like one-on-one very much, mainly because of the short time, I think 15 minutes is not enough even to start to relax…
    In other words, I’m in a kind of dead-lock…
    Any ideas?
    Anyway, my “ideal” time is from Monday to Thursday at 9PM or later (gmt -3). Anyone interested?

Hi Ana,

All we can do is to try and find some tutors to post conversations at those times and try again. I will pass your request on to our tutors. You can always email some of your friends in Brazil and suggest they join those conversations too… It might be a good way to introduce some friends to LingQ!

Ana I have put up some time. Look forward to talking to you. Look for me and pls sign up. I hope others do as well. I promise you more than 15 minutes in any case.

Hi Ana,

I am available for you at those times. They are currently set up as one-on-ones, but you can select more than one to accomodate the amount of time that you are looking for. We can talk about the topics you requested then. If you have detailled questions for me on how to do this, just email me at: I will be happy to walk you through it.


As Allison suggests, you are always free to sign up for 30 minute or 45 minute 1 on 1’s to allow yourself time to warm up.


I think Ana would prefer to be able to sign up for a group conversation with one of these topics so that there is the possibility that others will also sign up and join the conversations. Therefore, if you could post some group conversations like this as well, that would be great.

I know you can’t control the users preferred times, I was just a little frustrated… I’m loosing a lot of time only looking for events I could engage in. Thanks for your concerns and help anyway.

I signed up for Wednesday, thanks for this. Let’s wait and see if we can find some more partners then.

thanks for your offer. But Mark is right, I’m trying to avoid one-on-ones. Actually, it’s not only about the short length. I find group conversations more challenging.
Anyway, it’s good to know your availability. If after some attempts I end up alone on this time, I’ll try to vary the tutors, so I can experience other voices and styles. In this case, you’re going to be my first choice. :wink:


I have added some group conversations for you on the following dates:
7/21 Playing with children, 7/29 Open topic and 8/7 Words/Phrases that cause trouble. Please sign up. I look forward to talking with you and the group that joins us! :slight_smile:

Hi, Allison,
I’m there, on 7/21 and 7/29. Lets see if having one person already subscribed we can encourage people to join us!
I haven’t subscribed to the 8/7 because it’s too late for me (midnight!) but I guess the other two are good starting points.
Thank you!

Hi Ana,

Great! I was able to make a few more classes for you on the following dates: 7/31 Quick Answers, 8/4 Impromptu, 8/7 Travel / Photo Album,
8/14 Listen Carefully & 8/19 Words/Phases That Cause Trouble.

Also, don’t worry about 8/7. I have that topic again on 8/19 at a time that is convenient for you. I’m sure others will join the discussions. Thanks to you as well for giving me great ideas for discussions I will be using in the future! :slight_smile:

Hi, Allison,
let’s initially try those two and see what happens. Anyway, I don’t think I can have more than one event a week.
Ahhh, most ideas I picked up from the events section, almost all from Julie. So, you should thank her, not me… rss…
See you.

Hi Ana,

Sounds good!..& thank you Julie for your brilliant ideas! They’ve opened up more ideas for me on different paths I can take regarding discussions…ie. games and such. Much appreciated! :slight_smile: