Can't edit word in lingq

i can’t edit the word i’m going to lingq. Namely the system highlights a combination of hieroglyphs, and i can’t delete one of them in the lingq to make up the correct word.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. Would you be able to note specifically which term you saved and what you are trying to update it to? This should give us a better idea of what might be happening here.

for example system highlighted 很简单, though correct word be 简单, and i can’t change it in the lingQ form. when i click on the pencil symbol in the lingQ form i can amend the word in the cell, but when i press Enter nothing happens.

Great, thanks for the additional information on this. I’ve passed this along to our development team and we’ll look at getting this fixed. In the meantime, if you pull this word up on the Vocabulary page you should be able to edit it and have it save properly.

sorry to say, but can’t change it in Vocabulary card either. Or how should i “pull” it there?

On the Vocabulary page there isn’t a pencil icon. Instead, just click on the term in the popup and you’ll be able to edit the term:

did exactly that with no effect. may my OS (X 10.9.4) have any effect on interface operation?

That shouldn’t affect it - I’m on 10.9.4 as well. The screenshot was taken in Firefox, and I tried Chrome as well and it seems to work in Chrome too. Which browser are you using?

Safari :slight_smile:

Ah, good catch. In fact, it seems to work properly the first time in Safari but then doesn’t work properly after that. If I refresh the page again it then seems to work properly, but just for the first word. I’ll add this to our list!

great)) it worked for every word i’ve changed (in fact 2) after refreshing the page)))