Can't edit ling/vocabulary cards

Doing my review today, I find that I can’t get any edits I make to stick. If I change the definition, usually a very simple step, the software doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the change. Hope it can be fixed soon.

I am seeing the same thing. I can put values in the definition field (in my case the English field) and they do not stick. The field remains empty.

same here…

Can I ask where this is happening to you? In which browser? Is it in the lessons? While reviewing? On the vocabulary page?

Edit: Never mind. I see the issue is on the Vocabulary page. Sorry about that. We are looking into it.

temporary workaround: instead of using “import vocabulary,” make a list of the vocabulary words and import them as a lesson. open the lesson and then you can edit the vocab cards from the lesson.

I’m not sure if this idea is relevant to me. I’m not trying to import vocabulary, just edit the cards I’ve already made. Also, I’m doin git in vocabulary review mode and working on a Mac running OS 10.14…2

Unfortunately, I have the same problem on the Vocabulary page last two days.