Can't edit imported lesson

Hi All,

I can’t edit an an imported lesson (url below).

Is anyone else seeing this?

Are you not seeing “Edit Lesson” option under the lesson menu?

Hi Zoran,

I do see the “Edit Lesson” option, and I can select it, so that the lesson opens in edit mode. Then I make my edit, and the word “Saving” appears briefly in the upper right, next to “View Lesson”. Then “Saving” disappears, and so does my edit. So in the end, the edit is gone, and the text is unaltered. I would upload a screenshot, but I can’t see how to.

I also tried to edit in sentence mode. In this case, I make the edit, click the floppy icon to save it, and then click on “Done”, That returns me to the sentence viewing mode, and there is a blue message that says “Updating sentence”, and a blue arc circling around and around. But the sentence never updates.

This all worked when I tried it a couple of days ago, but not today.

The behavior is the same in Firefox as it was in Chrome. I can’t edit.

This problem is gone today.

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This problem is back – I can’t edit my lesson.

Now I see a message that says “Can’t execute: Cannot save changes at the moment. Please try again later”. I also notice another message saying that the lesson title is too long (“Paragraph 60 characters max”). What to do?

I would upload a screen shot, but once again I can’t see how to do it.

In a way, yes. I just imported a chapter of the Quran which I found I already had another version of from a different YouTube video, so I deleted one of them, but it’s still showing in the course in my imports library, despite having deleted it. I tried refreshing the page, shutting down the app and clearing the cookie/cache or whatever, but nothing seems to be working yet, so it looks like it’s an all around problem. Perhaps they’re running updates or maintenance.

Thanks. My editing issue is gone again – maybe it was just a problem during maintenance, as you wrote.

It’s nearly impossible to edit lessons with 5.0. Please change that! Also lesson stats are often completely off, especially with edited lessons.