Can't downgrade

Hi, This is Ken.

I’m a Plus member now. I’ve been trying to down grade my member ship to Basic from yesterday. But whenever I pressed “downgrade” button (confirmation page), “500 - Server error” was shown. Actually, I’ve upgraded and downgraded more than a couple of times before. But I haven’t had such a problem before. Will you check it out?

Thank you

Hi Ken,

Yes, I will check it out.

Will be letting you know tomorrow.

I noticed you tried downgrading again. The issue hasn’t been solved. I’ll have to manually change your subscription to basic. Hang in there!

Okay, it should show up as being BASIC, and you will be charged as BASIC on your next billing date.

The main issue still hasn’t been fixed (well, it has but hasn’t been uploaded to the server), so you will be stuck on basic for a bit until it gets fixed.

Just so other people know, this issue only effects a few select accounts. 99% of people will not have this problem when upgrading or downgrading between the different packages.

Wow, Am I the guy of 1%? Cool! LOL

I confirmed the downgrading. Thanks