Can't delete an import

I imported two texts over 2000 words and it failed split the files into 2 as it normally does so I tried to delete them and it fails with an error. thank you

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That seems strange. How are you trying to delete them?

Both ways that I know how: From the Edit Courses menu that list all the imported lessons by clicking the trash can symbol, or by editing the lesson and then clicking ‘delete lesson’ in the bottom left corner. It tells me there has been an error, try again in a few minutes. Ever since Friday.

Oh I forgot something: If I simply open the course that lists all of the lessons and then click the red trash can to the right of each lesson, it will asking me if I’m sure I want to delete, I then have to press it twice and it appears to delete it. but then if I leave the course and go back, the deleted lesson is back again.

Thank you

That’s strange. I am able to delete lessons and courses. Which browser are you using?

Check that. I was just trying to delete another imported lesson again and am having that same problem. I have reported it to our tech team. We will look into it.

Thanks, and I’m using Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) on Windows 10

Same here. Using Firefox, FYI.

This splitting issue should be resolved and working properly again. Sorry about that. We upgraded some of our system components which caused a bug in this function.

Thank you, its working again.

Yes, that was a strange issue. We didn’t think we did anything to fix that issue but it started working again. Let me know if it comes back. Or, more likely, another fix we made elsewhere also fixed this.