Can't create LingQs

I can’t create LingQs for some words (in some texts), e.g. here: Anmelden - LingQ
No matter if I use the mouse or the keyboard, nothing happens for words marked blue. I can add new meanings for words marked yellow, though. I also had the problem with a Spanish course, but after reloading it several times, it worked.
I’ve tried it on Firefox, Chrome and Edge under Win 10, the same problem everywhere.
I also have the problem here: Anmelden - LingQ and the problem seems to be that I can only add a LingQ to a word where I already added a translation, but I can’t add/ create one when I haven’t done that before.
Could you please fix that ASAP as this makes it impossible to study anything.

Yes,same problem. Clicking on blue words does not change them to yellow.

Thanks for reporting this issue! We will look into it right awat and get it fixed.


I have the same problem. I’m studying Spanish and have tried multiple courses, including one’s I’ve uploaded. I can’t create lingqs on any of them. Also none of the links to the dictionaries work either.

I can’t use the site at all without being able to create lingqs so hopefully this is fixed soon. It was broken last night so I couldn’t do any reading. Hopefully it gets fixed today.

I’m having the same issue this morning.

And now all the words that I tried to LinQ while reading has turned into “known words” despite having the “automatic known words” thing turned off.

I had the same problem last night with Spanish, Italian and Norwegian., on three different types of computers. And it was still an issue at 8:00 a.m. EST, but by mid-morning it had been fixed.

I discovered on some stories that are not edited properly (lacking a space between two words) , the mouse does not recognize the individual word. I highlight it and submit my own definition.

I don’t know if this got resolved for everyone, but my system started working again when I un-checked and then re-checked the “Auto LingQ creation” setting on the reader options menu.

Yeah. I think they fixed it. Mine works fine now.

The issue has been fixed. Our apologize once again everyone!

It’s working again. Thanks!

Good Morning from Switzerland,

It does not work for certain words and / or expressions whether they are highlighted in blue or not at all. The text I am using is an youtube import, not sure if that is the reason for this malfunction: Login - LingQ

It does not help it if I open it on my mac (safari) or on my cell.

I really like Lingq, but I would be even happier if this can be fixed.

Keep up the great work,

@immi04 - Can you give some examples of terms not working?