Can't choose a dictionary


At the current moment, I can’t choose or add a dictionary while creating a Ling. It also mean, that I get no definition from the dictionary I try to open/add. The ones I try were all internal (no-popup).

I try different lessons, with 2 browser (Internet explorer and Firefox v.15). I switch language (Spanish and English). I switch my hint language and my display language(put it in English). It still not working.

One possible explanation will be a bug because I switch from basic membership to free membership on the 1st of September. That choose was made to make sure I like the next LingQ but, at the moment, I can’t really try it…

Thanks for reporting this bug. I’ve added this to our list on the following thread:

When this is fixed, we will be sure to announce it there!

I will give you more informations about my current problem. The log say:

[17:51:33.332] POST Login - LingQ [HTTP/1.1 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR 221ms]
[17:51:33.545] ajax error: error INTERNAL SERVER ERROR @

So, I guess is always that 500 - internal server error that keep happening

Thanks Grunts, we will let you know when it is fixed.