Can't change the status of a lesson

I accidentally hit “I’m done” when I was trying to update my lesson, and now I can’t get it back for my active assignments. Is there any way to change the status from “complete” to “active” or something like that?


Hi jcisco,

Unfortunately, there is no way to return an item to active at the moment. We are making changes to the way we handle items and hope to have these up within the next month. This will solve your problem. Until then, Completed items do still show up in your Recently Opened lists in the sidebar on the Overview and WorkDesk pages as long as you’ve studied them recently.

Goodness! Thanks Mark, that was quick. I look forward to the changes.


Where do I find the “I’m done” button? I switched my mother tongue in the settings to English but still couldn’t find it. I want to start using the statistic functions of lingq which I didn’t use before.

In German it is on the “Schreibtisch” the “Fertig” button.

Never seen it, can’t see it now. Where is it?

It only appears after you have clicked the Update button. In fact, the Update button is the only button that affects your statistics. This is the button you need to click after you have saved all your LingQs in the Workdesk. The I’m All Done button just removes it from your active list of items in the workdesk.

This button comes only after klicking “aktualisieren”

Ok, now I know how to use this function


you can delete the complete lesson and after that take it ones again from the library.

That worked, Loby. Thanks!