Can't cancel subscription


Can you pls cancel my subscription - I’ve tried to do it but not sure if succeeded

Every now and then Apple tries to charge me for LingQ though

Pls confirm that my subscription is cancelled

Your account has dropped on the Free level back in October. You weren’t charged since October 2020.

I’m glad I heard of this before I considered getting the Premium plan. I would’ve been really pisssed if I found out about it when trying to downgrade back to the free version.

@nnfarias We are working on improving the downgrade flow, to avoid issues some users have.
You can always cancel subscription just by emailing support, no problem at all.

i am not able to cancel my subscription. help!

@chewychunky66 I took care of it for you and your account will drop to the Free plan after your current paid period expires.

I want to cancel my subscription and can’t see a “cancel subscription button” or something like that. I can’t understand how the process to unsubscribe is so difficult. Please I request cancel my subscription.

@Alberto.S Your subscription is now canceled.

My annual subsription ends on 25 September.
Please change to free on that date.
I will check back from time to time and re enlist when Hindi or Urdu become available on Lingq
Thank you

@marlene666 Sure, I took care of it for you.

Hi Please can you check mine too it says undefined when i try to cancel

@georgekendall Your subscription has now expired.