Can't cancel membership

My username is jobrody28 and I can’t cancel my membership. Is there anyone who can help or cancel this for me?

I checked your account and I can confirm that you have canceled your subscription successfully. Your account will be downgraded to the FREE level after your current paid period expires on September 4th.

Hi Zoran, my yearly membership got renewed today even though I’ve requested my membership to be cancelled. Can you please help with the refund and make sure that my membership is cancelled? Thank you in advance

@tamaramagomadova I refunded your payment and expired subscription.

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(I figured I’d post here instead of starting a new thread)…

I was charged for the 12 month subscription plan, which I agreed to, on 09/30/2022.

Does it go into effect on 10/24/2022? (10/24/2022 is the last day before the monthly plan expires).

In the Google Play Store, it doesn’t show the 12 month subscription. It only shows the monthly subscription plan (which is set to expire on 10/24/2022).

So, I’m assuming the one year plan takes over after that? (I just want to be sure it is in your system)

Can you cancel my membership as well please?

@Rayman1999 Sure, done!

@danielfitz Actually I just checked your account and looks like your annual membership payment from September 30th got refunded by Google, and your account switched back to a monthly plan. I suggest you cancel your monthly plan first, and once your account drops to the Free plan on October 23rd, you purchase 12-month plan then.

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Didn’t see the refund in my bank account prior to posting. Sorry. Yes, Google refunded me. I’ll do as you say. Thanks, zoran!

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