Can't access Spanish content "Guillermo y Mariano" course all of a sudden

I have paid for 8 of the lessons and this evening went to buy the last 2 but can’t see any individual lessons anymore. When I click on “open course” the system only shows me the course description. I can still see the lessons I’ve paid for under my lessons however. What gives? Thanks.


@cjcrawford - That is a strange bug. We will look into it tomorrow. I can get the lessons to appear in the Course view by opening the Advanced filters and selecting both New and Taken. This makes no sense but will let you see the lessons for now…!

My lessons pages have all gone haywire since about 48 hours ago. I can no longer find my “taken” lessons in Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, German or Japanese. On the plus side the system is showing me lots of lessons I didn’t know were in the libraries, but in Russian at least it is throwing up the beginner 1 lessons which I really don’t want.

In Japanese I’m getting all the lessons I have archived (and in many cases, deleted) from my lessons page.

Even stranger, the Link app is getting it right. I can access lessons there that I have taken and opened recently, but I can’t from the website.

Also, under some circumstances (I can’t think of them at the moment but it happens every couple of days) I get lessons in the wrong languages turning up on my lessons page.

What has happened?

@cjcrawford, helen - Both these issues should hopefully be resolved now. Let us know if you still have any problems.

Seems fine now. Order has been restored to my world! Thanks guys.