Can't access lessons of a course from my list of courses

I have created a course called “Notes in Spanish”. It’s a private course containing content that I purchased elsewhere. It presently contains 10 lessons. I can’t get the list of lessons to load when I click on the course from the list of courses. I am using Chrome. I tried rebooting my computer and clearing my cache, but to no avail. I will send a couple of screen shots via email.

I have some additional information on this. The same thing is happening with all of my own courses/lessons, all of which are private. It isn’t happening with LingQ courses. Also, when I try to access the lessons all I get is a blank window where the lessons should appear, and when I click the back arrow on my browser, I go back to the page I was on before I went to LingQ.

Problems are the same using Firefox.

@edthird - thank you for the feedback! I have responded you via email.

I’m having the same issue.

@solanderdog - I have reported this to our development team. Sorry for the inconvenience!