Can't access lesson. Pop up with "Click the word to see its meaning."

Hi all,
I just signed up to LingQ and it looks like a great resource. Small problem however: in trying to read my first lesson the content text is masked and a note with “Click the word to see its meaning” appears. But there seems to be no way to get this to go away! There’s no close icon, clicking elsewhere on the page does nothing, refreshing the page does nothing. I managed to do one lesson by restarting my browser (Chrome), and thought that had fixed it. But the next lesson it’s there again. Not the best introduction to have such a glaring bug but I’m hoping I’m overlooking something simple!
Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @bunchiste,

Sounds like LingQ is trying to take you through a tutorial on how to use its features.

Not sure if there is a way to turn it off — other than completing the tutorial by doing what it says and clicking a word. (I’m assuming after that you’ll get another pop up for the next direction after you do that, btw.)

Based on your provided information, it appears to be blocking your entire text so you can’t select any words at all?

I hope LingQ support can help you quickly!

Are you unable to select the word? If so, please reach us at and we will look into it for you. Thanks!

Thanks to you both. I went through the tutorial and that did solve it. Sorry for the amateur problem! Usually these kinds of instructional pop ups have a clear close icon or disappear when clicking on something else so I was expecting that to be the way out of it and was confused when everything was frozen, especially the second time!


No problem!

Yeah, it’s probably because they want you to understand all the features of LingQ (or at least as many as they can fit into a tutorial) without one day going, "Oh! LungQ does that! I had no idea.

Even though I’m discovering new things myself every once and a while with each new update :joy:

Happy learning @bunchiste!

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