Cannot select words in Japanese at times

This is a new issue I’ve noticed in the past two days (never before since I started in March), but some words in Japanese are partially on top of another and they are not selectable. I included a screenshot.

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Can you please send us a link to one of lessons in which you noticed that issue to support(at) Thanks!

Also, where are you using LingQ? This looks like quite a condensed image. Which device and which browser would be helpful.

Sure, here is the link:

It’s on the first page of the lesson in sentence mode.
I am using Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). I am on a 2016 MacBook Pro 13"

Sorry, just noticed this. I pasted the information below but will email as well.

I tried opening the lesson on my computer and had the same issue. For some reason 運んで can’t be selected. Also using chrome on a mac laptop

Yes, I see the same. Unfortunately, because the audio file is no longer available, edits to the text aren’t allowed. Otherwise, all lessons can be edited by premium users and spacing issues fixed. Those characters need to be spaced correctly in order to work, and failing that, you can use the “resplit lesson” button on the lesson edit screen to reset it and enable that word to be selected. There are spacing issues with many Japanese lessons. We are hoping to have a fix ready soon to improve this. However, there will likely always be issues so any help you can give by editing lessons will be much appreciated by those who come after you.

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I was able to go in and edit the lesson (I think it may be a private lesson now, I cannot remember). I changed the spacing between the words so that 運んでいる is a word and it works fine now. I’ll use the resplit button in case it happens again or edit if I am able to. Thank you for the feedback! I wasn’t sure if spacing in the editing portion had any effect on the final lesson in Japanese, I guess now I know it can!