Cannot Select Word

In Cantonese, there are kanji and vocabulary words that I cannot select, whether I’m on my computer or IOS. Attached is an example, at the end of the first sentece where the first kanji lights up blue, but the second kanji is frozen, and the whole word is thus frozen. This is one example of many in this first LingQ Mini-story. Please advise.


Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

I’m having the exact same issue with Japanese right now. For me it is also a problem across all devices (Firefox on PC as well as mobile app on Android).

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This is also happening in Simplified Chinese

  • IOS app and chrome windows 10

Hello, any update on this issue? Thanks.

Can you let me know if you still have issues now?

I am experiencing this issue in both Japanese and Simplified Chinese as well.

Korean seems to be fine for now, but since I’m very new to Japanese and Simplified Chinese study, it’s making it quite difficult to get a good idea of what is going on in a sentence without the sentence mode “show translation” button.

I’m noticing the issue on both Windows 11 on Google Chrome and also the LingQ app for Android.

Only noticed it the past couple of days, but I’ve only been working on Japanese and Simplified Chinese for 7-8 days now, so I may not have advanced to where the trouble areas were by then.

I’ve also noticed a lot of strange “known words” that randomly appear as I complete lessons, and unknown, blue words, staying inside of courses despite each lesson being completely full of LingQs with no new words to discover, again, only in Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Also, some of the Beginner 1 lessons for Japanese, and potentially for Simplified Chinese(can’t remember), have been missing audio… or the audio is choppy, or perhaps the audio in sentence mode is not quite optimized on those lessons.

Can’t think of anything else, but I’ve been using the service for a month now with no real issues until the past couple of days.

I hope this helps your troubleshooting!

This issue still persists in Japanese, and there are additional bugs (see my post).

I have the same issue in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. No Romanji or Pinyin over known words and in Japanese you cannot select them anymore.