Cannot save

Dear team, I cannot enter more than ten times into Read & Listen list since today. The appearance has also change - in my oppinion more attractive. Is there any reason that I cannot save how many times I have read and listen any lesson. Thanks for answer in advance.

Something doesn’t seem to be working with the java symbols/buttons (counter); on the workdesk page I can see the symbols - should there be a drop-down menu now? On the lesson page the buttons are missing. I’m using IE8.

We have just uploaded a new Task Widget which has combined the four popups from before into one. It is supposed to pop open when you hover on it.

@ blackdierenmaus - We will increase the number of times you can choose in the list.

@ alleray - We will check into that but in the meantime please try refreshing and control refreshing your browser and see if that helps.

It works on the welcome page and on the workdesk. It isn’t available on the lesson page.

Strange. IE working it’s magic again. We will look into that.