Cannot make a comment

I cannot make a comment anymore, on a message someone posted to me, and on an exchange request I fulfilled.
Is it just me or are other people having problems as well.

Hi @silviad, does it happen when you get there from the Notifications dropdown? If so, we currently have some issues with commenting on the wall post (from Notifications). Meantime, you should head to the post itself(where it was posted). Sorry for this inconvenience. Our team is looking into it now.

For the message someone sent me, yes it was from the Notifications dropdown.
For the exchange request, normally I can post the transcription, and than add a personal comment.
Now I could not add any comment anymore. There were no POST buttons, and the return which sometimes posts a comment, did not post anything either.

Would you be able to make a screenshot of how it looks? Thank you!

I’m having a similar issue. I’m not able to make a comment if I’m viewing a post by clicking through a notification. If I instead go to my home page and find that post from my activity stream, then commenting is fine.

@derekhyang - we are sorry about that. It is a known issue. Our developers are looking into it. Thanks for reporting this.

Howdo i post a comment over lingq

@Prince_Junaid - just click “comment” under the post and then type your reply in the text entry field, press Enter key to send it.