Cannot Import Vocabulary CSV, 502 error in console

Hi, to ensure I’m not messing up the CSV format, I am using an exported csv from LingQ from a few days ago. Every time I try to import new vocab with perfect file formatting (identical to one that worked a few days ago), I see “Failed to import terms”.

I’m using the latest Chrome for Mac. When I look in the console I see a 502 error

POST 502 

I also tried exporting and the same console error shows up so I’m guessing this is a bug possibly related to the other reports I’m seeing in the forum from the last couple hours. Hope you’re able to fix so I can get back to using my membership :slight_smile:


Seems to be an ongoing outage:

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Thanks for reporting. We are investigating the issue.

Thanks, any progress?

Should be working properly now, do you still have the same problem?