Cannot delete lesson

From my “My Lessons” page, I cannot delete a course. The confirmation popup window appears and I say OK. But it doesn’t get deleted. It’s still on my list.
If I open up the course for edit, I click on the Delete button. The same popup appears and I click OK. This time I get an error message, “An error has occurred while processing your request…”
This applies to a course, news article and an imported ebook.
Any idea what’s wrong?

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Sorry about that, we are already familiar with that problem and hopefully we will get it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

I also had this problem and brought it to the attention of the Help Desk. But they did not provide a solution. However, here is what I discovered. I had to open the Course and view the listing of all of lessons in the course. Then go into each lesson and delete all of them individually by going to the … menu in the upper right and choosing Remove from My Lessons. In my case it was 26 lessons. A real pain, but once they were all gone I could go back to the Course and delete it there. Give that a try.

Thanks Ted. That works. One CAN delete a course if all lessons are gone. Great for those under 10 lessons!