Cannot create LingQ

After importing a Chinese text (without any spaces),
the sentence “一直往前走,你就會找到了。”
will be changed to “一直 往前 走 ,你就 會 找到了 。” (with some spaces).

Now I am unable to mark “找到” and to create a LingQ.
The system always wants me to create a LingQ “找到了”, but that’s not what I want.
How can I force the system to create the LingQs I want???

Thank you for an explanation.

There is some inflexibility on how the Chinese text works. We need to segment the words in order for our functions to work. Please use 找到了 as a term this time, and put in whatever additional explanation you would like in the Hint area. You will certainly find 找到 at some point in another text, and then you can save it as a different form of the same term/. This is no different than saving each form of a noun or verb in Spanish or Russian as a different word. Each different form of a word does attract different example phrases. I have found this useful in learning grammar and usage patterns.

I hope this helps.