Cancelling recurrent payment @PayPal is resulting cancelling current subscription for LingQ?

I have a problem. I logged in account of my friend and paid for standard subscription via PayPal to give her a chance to use LingQ next month.
My card was charged for $10 as expected.
Then I cancelled reccurrent payment at PayPal, and… her subscription was immediately cancelled at LingQ also!

Is it correct behaviour?! What is a ‘legal’ mechanism to pay for other member? Is it possible to return Basic plan for one month to my friend, LolaLynn?

Now I’m not already sure if it was caused by my actions :slight_smile: She told me she refreshed plan’s page for several times :)) Maybe, she unintentionally changed her plan back to Free… Please help the girl, she likes LingQ and want to use it :slight_smile: She already deleted (one by one) more then 400 lingqs - it’s tremendous persistence! :)))

Cancelling the recurring payment sends a signal to our server that the membership was downgraded, as from our server’s perspective there is no difference between cancelling automatic payments and cancelling the payment profile itself. This is the reason that, when downgrading on the site, users are met with a notice saying that downgrading to Free will move them to Free immediately. In this case, it’s better to wait until the end of the billing cycle to cancel so that you get the most of the membership you paid for.

For now, I’ve moved your friend’s account back to Basic and will manually downgrade her at that point. Enjoy :slight_smile: