Canceling a 1-on-1

I can’t help noticing that the past four threads were ones started by me… ^ ^; I’m clearly a guy prone to mistakes.

Here’s another one I’ve made: a student signed up for a conversation with me and I unfortunately had to cancel it due to a sudden schedule change problem. I wrote to her ahead of time of the change on her profile wall, and then I THOUGHT I’d properly canceled the conversation so that she could get her points back. Apparently I didn’t do it properly, and now she’s booked another 1-on-1 with me but is wondering how she can regain her points from the previous no-go 1-on-1. I checked out the Tutors Blog but found nothing. Any help?

If you have to cancel a conversation, you should contact the student signed up but you also need to cancel the conversation on the Tutor page. That will give the student back their points. To do this open the conversation details page from the Tutor section and click the cancel conversation link. I will contact your learner now but this should not need intervention from support normally.

Mistakes, misunderstandings and crises happen. If you end up owing a student points you can say: “ooh look, I owe you a 30 minute chat. When do you want to have it?” Usually the student is happy with that. Only if the person is leaving LIngQ or doesn’t want to talk to you again will they need an actual refund. There is no automatic way for a tutor to refund a tutor, it needs administrator intervention unfortunately.

We ended up extending our conversation to make up for the time that was supposed to be canceled. I’ll try to keep in mind Mark and Helen’s advice. Thanks again!

Except that I’ve already given those points back! Now, I will have to go and take them back again. But I know that, in the future, you will now be able to deal with these issues on your own! :wink: