Canceled lesson

On Monday, a Chinese tutor canceled 16:45 p.m’s conversation at 2:50 p.m. I left my message in Chinese on her wall, “when can I take Monday’s lesson?” the day before yesterday, but unfortunately no answer. Maybe my Chinese was not good, but I think she should leave certain message on my wall or send me an e-mail in Chinese or in English. I was a little disappointed at her. If she does not answer me definitely, this canceled lesson should be replace with another one or 500 points should be returned. How about my opinion?

replace–>>replaced (I completely made a mistake.)
I think there are other mistakes, so I’ve just sent this message to an English tutor.

Hi dilemme, if a tutor cancel a discussion you get your points back. Unfortunately there is a cash problem. Look at this thread: I Haven't Received A Refund Of My Points - Language Forum...

There is no cash problem. There is a problem with certain information caching on the system which causes delays in the adjustment of payments.

dilemme, you will not be charged. If you cannot reschedule you will get your points back. Who was the tutor?

the tutor is Danqing, a newbie on LingQ. Maybe she seems quite busy this week. Today I left a message on her wall. I will wait for her answer for a few days.

Sorry, I wanted to write “cache” not “cash” :wink: It was just a typo.

I’ve gone in and canceled the lesson, so your points have been returned to your account. I’ve also emailed Danqing with instructions of how to proceed if a tutor is unable to show up for a scheduled conversation. Problem solved I hope :slight_smile: