Can you tell me about Helsinki?

Hello friends!

I will have a chance to go to Helsinki in this summer. (Only 1day)
So I would like to ask someone who knows well Helsinki,
What are the most five important things to see/do?

Thank you!

Just taking a walk around the downtown area would suffice, I’d say. You might also like the Kiasma museum of modern art.

Another interesting thing to do would be to take the 4T streetcar. It used to run through the city. It would be a nice (and cheap) way to look at the different neighborhoods.

Thank you, astamoore.
I’m interested in Suomenlinna Fortress.
Have you been there?

No, but I think I saw it from the ferry.

I’m an urban boy. I like modern cities and am not too keen on fortresses and historic sites. Then again, Helsinki isn’t very big, so you might be able to see the fortress and then walk around the city, too.