Can you share me method to learn English?

I learnt English many year with traditional method (grammar,textbook…).I can do a test well, but I can’t understand anything when I watch English videos and listen to English (Even if they are easy)…
So I try to find a best method to learn English and I found Steve Videos on youtube…but I’m frustrated because I can’t hear what he say…And I don’t know what he did to learn 10 languages…
Can you help me, please???

Only a lot of input, a lot of listening and reading can help you.
If you have difficulties to understand by listening the intermediate level, then go down to the beginner level again and listen the sipmlier texts and dialogues - a lot of times, again and again.- listen and read at the same time and then listen without text again.
Be patient and in 1-2 months you will be able to understand much better.

Maybe try adding some English speakers online so you can talk to them and they can help you with what you’ve learned and fix any mistakes you do.

I’ve tried the Steve’s method here with Italian. I knew no Italian words in February. Now I had some Skype conversations with different native Italians. It means, the method works. I just listened and read the texts many times as Evgueny told above ^^.
Good luck

Thank you all!
I want to get intermediate level!
Now I can understand Steve’method