Can you please make save in lesson edit mode adaptable?

One of the most annoying things for me when I edit a lesson is the constant and annoyingly saving of the whole file . every . other . clik . or . action. And to make things worse, it does not save right after a change, but only at the next action. I.e. it wants you to wait for it, which is sometimes a second and sometimes 10 seconds.

I would be better served with a ctrl-s shortcut where I determine the moment of saving., not some idiotic mechanism. So, I control the system, not the other way around.

I have asked this before and have gotten the most rediculous reasonings, like “Hey! we never envisioned large edits.”. And then Lingq requests people to import and edit new content. So, I will ask this one last time and hope for the best.

Please, please allow me to control my saves when I want to, with a shortcut (ctrl-s) and a button (for use with a mouse). Allow me to disable the idiotic mechanism, please.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. we’ll look into it for sure.

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Hey Gbonnema, are you talking about importing Lotta’s lessons with the English text underneath?

I have been posting the transcripts from Youtube to an AI and just separating the languages but leaving them on the same corresponding lines. With the editing ‘Translations’ tab feature can import the direct English translation without having to the tedious line by line work in the lesson editor.

If i have to edit more than a few lines of the original text I just delete the lesson and make a new one. Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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Yeah, I usually do a little more than that. Besides, I find an editor should just be an editor, not a major pain in the back, requiring me to look for all kinds of tools outside of Lingq. I get your point though, and I will keep it in mind. Unfortunately, I have no experience with AI, so for now I hope the editor will be tolerable. Thanks for your response.