Can you help me to understand it?

“It is more like moisture accumulation in a cloud rather than building a bick wall”.it come from Steve’s six steps to effective self-leaning.I know the surface meaning,but I don’t know what is the potential meaning of it.
thank you very much.

it should be a BRICK wall,

thank you correct my mistake.

I believe the analogy is communicating a subtle and gradual process of language accumulation which may change quickly. Rather than the solid and permanent construction of a brick wall that doesn’t change. As we learn vocabulary and phrases, we may forget frequently and go backwards. And at other times we might make great strides all at once and burst forth with unexpected fluency. Followed by an inevitable backwards step.

thank you very much jcraig9218.I think I know what is your meaning.Studying a language like you put the water into a pail.the water is steaming all the time then the water is reduce all the time .but we also put the water into the pail if we work hard,the water will more and more and my knowledge about the language is more and more.

Yes! I agree with your understanding. Also, I think the author is saying that like a cloud, the process of learning a language is fragile and elusive and not as solid and firm as a brick wall. Good work!