Can you help me learn your language?

Hi everybody,
Recently I started learn this beautiful language and I don’t have any german friend to help me.

I hope that someone can help me with my doubt about german.


Hi Lucas, If you’ve started learning the German language what exactly could be the way regarding help with learning. Are you unsure how starting or is there anything you are interested in but cannot find it within the library?

Pronunciation and vocabulary.

I have doubt about vocabulary construction.


Wie ich sehe, hast Du bei Lingq.676 Wörter gelesen und erst 3 Lingqs erstellt.
Du schreibst:“I’m beginner and I’m interested in other resources to learn german. I think the LingQ have few content to beginner and this kind of content many times is boring. I hope that you can help me.”

Aus meiner Sicht, solltest Du zuerst einige der vorhandenen Lektionen bearbeiten ,bevor Du weiter nach Hilfe rufst!
Zudem kannst Du (wie schon vor Tagen erwähnt!)eigene Lektionen nach Deinem persönlichen Geschmack importieren!!

Lernen musst Du selber,das kann Dir niemand abnehmen.


Yeah, I agree Jolanda. Asking someone to dance before you know the steps, Lucas. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think you need at least 1,000 to 3,000 words before you can deal with more interesting content. I’ve put a lot of effort in the beginner lessons to make learners familiar with the most common word. First you need a fundament, than learning becomes more interesting. You cannot build a house without knowing the basics.

We allI love to help, but you have to put in your own efforts. How should a ‘friend’ help? Just listen and read at the beginning. The LingQ method really works !!!

I’m using Teach yourself book to learn the basic vocabulary before reading and listening in the lingQ .

The collection “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!” in LingQ is designed for absolute beginners. You should combine this with your book. Listen AND read on LingQ, especially create many LingQs and use the advantages of LingQ. It helps really to see the yellow and blue words in lessons. Additionaly you can import the lessons from your book into LingQ. This is what I do for French. It really works.

For my recommandation how to learn German with LingQ have a look at: Como dar os primeiros passos a LingQ aprendendo o alemão:

Lucas, I understand what you mean. Learning a new language from scratch isn’t easy and it can be that it is boring. On the other hand children are learning their mother tongue with little correction or help from parents and other people near by. Hence it isn’t any problem to answer your questions about easy problems with the German language. Don’t hesitate and ask whenever you cannot step forward or you feel that you need help from a native German. Indeed, my Portuguese is quite rusty :wink: and my Spanish is on a low level. So you could ask either in English or German best on my profile page.

I decided learn German at the same way that I learned english using the LingQ.


I’ll study hard the collections in german that you recommends in your web site.I will show one more time for all that the LingQ is the best method to learn a new language.

Lucas, seguem aqui alguns links para você suplementar seus estudos de alemão:

Cursos de alemão para falantes de inglês desenvolvidos pelo governo americano que já se encontram em domínio público -

Curso “Deutsch für Brasilianer” disponível no site da Universidade de Brasília, desenvolvido pelo professor Herbert A. Welker (autor também de uma excelente gramática do alemão) -

Curso de alemão disponibilizado pelo Deutsche Welle -,,2594,00.html