Can you cook?

I am not French.

Is this an international joke?

Don’t you say “I can boil eggs.”?

If you can boil an egg, you can cook.


I can’t cook. :frowning: In the US, I have said that I can’t even boil water.

I can. Badly.

I can take food out of containers and put it on the plates.

I’m the one who cook at home… the one who cook or the one who cooks?..

I have cooked fairly well in the past. I make a mean savoury lentil soup. In my family I am the go-to-guy for big dinners.

Are you free for Christmas?

Or you, Serge, if you are the one who cooks?

I can cook but my wife makes fun of my cooking. She is territorial about her kitchen. I don’t mind since I can do the dishes and clean up while listening to Russian, I doubt if I could do that while cooking.

This reminds me that there are people stating that we should learn by heart all the theory about grammar (sorry I mean cooking), before start using the language (sorry again, I mean the kitchen).

I can cook and I try to do it organicly !

I put in a lot of variegated spices to obfuscate my lamentably egregious cooking

Here at LingQ we advocate the “heat up the frying pan, chop up some food and spices, stir it round until it smells nice, then eat it” school of communication/cookery :wink:

that’s a very “British” answer. Do you listen to a lot of British English by any chance?

Helen, when am I invited? I do dishes.

Skybluteapot, in spite of you are English, you have a great sense of cuisine!
(just kidding!)